Some advance notice that my “For Odin for Thor for Asgard” collection of short sci-fi stories about the Asgardian gods will be free on Amazon for 3 days 25/26/27 November:

Some advance notice that my “Speculative Fiction – The Ultimate Collection” collection of science fiction, science fantasy, and alternate history stories will be free on Amazon for 3 days: 18/19/20 November

My flash fiction story “The Grief Counsellors” has been pod cast on the 8 November Kaus Australia segment of the Antipodean SF radio show. The story starts in at 2minutes 40 seconds in to the pod cast:

Some advance notice that my “TRATHH and Other Science Fiction Stories” (normally $2.99) will be free on Amazon for 3 days from 14 November to 16 November 2014: The Bewildering Stories site were kind enough to publish an excerpt from the book:

My flash fiction length story “Left Behind” has just been published on Earl Wynn’s “Farther Stars Than These” site. It remains on the front page for about a week and then goes into archives but is still accessible there: Many thanks Earl!

Paul Cole of the Beam Me Up Pod Cast site has just pod cast the fourth story in my Human Hunter series “Human Hunter – The British Facility.” My story is the last item on the pod cast and starts in at about 37 minutes 15 seconds into the pod cast running for the remainder of the hour:
Definitely worth a listen – Paul is a great narrator. You can catch earlier stories in the arc that have already been pod cast (and other stories of mine pod cast on Beam Me Up) here:

A 50 worder sci-fi story of mine entitled “Good Intentions” has just been published in the November 2014 Issue of Ion Newcombe’s Antipodean SF: If you get a chance maybe check out some of the other stories in the Issue. Cheers!


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