Just heard from Ion Newcombe (Nuke) that my flash fiction story “True Nerds” already published on his Antipodean SF site will also be podcast on his Antipodean SF radio show (Betelgeuse Session) on Saturday 3 May.  It will also be broadcast on the Nambucca Valley, on the Mid North Coast of NSW, Australia on Sunday evening 4 May on community radio, 2NVR, 105.9FM.  Many thanks Nuke!  Here’s a link to earlier episodes of the radio show. http://antisf.libsyn.com

I’ve reached 45,000 of an anticipated 60,000 words on my latest speculative fiction book. Have added a couple of new stories and finished some others. The full list of stories so far are: Ultimate Equalizer, Task Force to a Parallel Earth, Human Hunter, Search Mission, A Helping Hand, The Search for Humanity, Daughter of the High Lords, Under Attack, Past his Used by Date, Soldier of the Rorne, Broolt, Trathh – Return to Empire, Reality Check and Computer Audit. A name for the works still eludes me. The latest story I added “Task Force to a Parallel Earth” is something of an extension of my “Greater Britain” alternate history series into the relatively near future

* My “For Odin, for Thor, for Asgard” collection of stories of the gods of Asgard in generally more cosmic settings is free on Amazon for the next 30 hours: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00AHNE27W If you like All father Odin and his son Thor written as powerful, cosmically aware entities able to mix it with the other great powers of the Multiverse then you may like these short stories.

My Alien Hunter, Star Trooper sci-fi novella (based on the series that I wrote for the then Golden Visions magazine in 2011/12) is now free on Amazon for the next 5 days: http://www.amazon.com/Alien-Hunter-Star-Trooper-ebook/dp/B007HYRT6K
It’s had some good reviews: http://wrfrbeameup.blogspot.com.au/2012/05/review-alien-hunter-star-trooper-by.html Also the Bewildering Stories sci-fi site published an excerpt from it: http://www.bewilderingstories.com/issue491/alien_hunter_ex.html

My Soldier of the Brell novella is now free as an e-book download from Amazon for the next 34 hours: http://www.amazon.com/Soldier-of-the-Brell-ebook/dp/B00A1TR85K It’s had some good reviews: http://wrfrbeameup.blogspot.com.au/2012/07/all-things-good-and-scholes.html Also here is an excerpt published by the Bewildering Stories sci-fi site: http://www.bewilderingstories.com/issue497/brell_ex.html

My flash fiction story “Soldier of the Rorne” has just been published on Earl Wynn’s Farther Stars Than These site: http://www.fartherstars.com/ It stays on the cover page for a week then moves to the archives but is still available there.


My flash fiction sci-fi story “True Nerds” has just been published in the April edition of Ion Newcombe’s Antipodean SF site: http://www.antisf.com.au/the-stories/true-nerds It will also be pod cast on the Antipodean SF radio show later this month or early next month. The story is based on the ‘Nerdforce” story that appears in my new book “TRATHH and other science fiction stories.


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