My first sci-fi publication was a book called Science Fiction and Alternate History – A Collection of Short Stories published in early 2009. 

The link to my author page on the publisher’s website (including a blog talk radio podcast) is:

 There is also a short (not particularly interesting) video of the book on youtube:

The reference to “alternate history” may be a bit misleading as most of the short stories are straight sci-fi.  Two of what I would loosely call “alternate history” stories are actually set a little in the future but clearly involve alternate time lines. The Alternate History Writers forum has a name for this: “future alternate history” though that may sound like a contradiction in terms.

 One story: “The British are Coming” involves the somewhat unlikely scenario of British military forces (with some help from the locals) retaking New York City from alien invaders.  If you can somehow imagine Royal Marines, and Gurkhas, working their way towards Times Square or Welsh and Scots Guards units approaching the UN building under fire. Perhaps Challenger main battle tanks smashing their way into Yankee Stadium and theMuseum of Natural History.  Or Royal Navy helos ferrying paratroopers from the new HMS King George V carrier across the Hudson and on into Manhattan.  Or Special Air Service (SAS) and Special Boat Squad (SBS) units disgorging from Hunter Killer nuclear subs.    

The other alternate history story actually set in the future involves a re-run of the Battle of Britain in 2025 with the alien attackers ultimately faring no better than the Germans of 85 years earlier.   Thanks to the emergence of a new British super fighter.  A modern day equivalent of the Spitfire.  Descendants of some of those who were prominent in the original Battle of Britain such as Hugh Dowding and Trafford Leigh-Mallory are air aces in this high tech struggle.