I wonder how many times writers have come up with an “original” idea only to do a google search and find out it’s already been used – perhaps numerous times.  Not just in the science fiction genre.

 Some years ago in a short story called “All Father” in my first sci-fi publication I used the concept of a multi-dimensional black hole. In that story the Norse god Odin used it to make contact with God who had basically withdrawn from the Multiverse.

 I forgot to google it and probably somewhat vainly thought it might be an original idea.  Later on I did  do a google search and subsequently learned that it was a concept in theoretical physics.

 I confess that as an accountant, economist, and actuary – my scientific background is not that strong. Except perhaps in mathematics.

 These days, of course, I try to google search any significant idea or character name, or story title name that comes to mind to see if it has already been used.