In a story of mine about grey power in this collection:

some of the resources and time of a massive aged population is marshaled to form a transnational organization that even the most powerful Governments have to respect. There are some amusing and not so amusing consequences of this. Such as the arm banded grey power “volunteers” that accompany police on most of their patrols. To make sure older people get a fair deal. Of course there is no shortage of such volunteers. 

 In another story published as flash fiction on the Antipodean SF I envisaged a world where older people are forced back into the workforce and even quite elderly people must work one compulsory day a week.  Often needing an array of medicines and aids to get them through the day.

 I’ve also written a couple of post apocalyptic short stories where gangs of feral youth roam unchecked by near non-existent authority. While older people who can afford it remain in semi-safe enclaves.

 As I’m 63 in July I sort of feel entitled to write these stories and some of the older people I know actually seem to enjoy them.