I’m awaiting delivery of the author hard copy of my new book “TRATHH and other science fiction stories” before I can sign off on it and have it placed on Amazon.  Hopefully very soon.

In “The Streamers”, aliens detectable only by their manipulation of human emotions and their ability to stream have our best interests at heart. Or do they?  In “After the Storm” a Multiverse war pitting the gods and mystical powers against the cosmic powers has led to no winners and few survivors, yet somehow life finds a way.


In “Treldron” an enigmatic alien from an unknowable alternate reality gives a new meaning to courage under fire while in “Forgotten Soldier”, an alien soldier programmed for zero tolerance to crime gets accidentally left on Earth.  


In “The Young Old War” the ineffectual middles passively tolerate a world wide trend of increasing violence against the elderly by roaming feral youthpaks while in “Nerdforce” the meetings behind closed doors of a small group of nerds can have consequences beyond our Earth