Just a progress report on my new book “Daughter of the High Lords and other Speculative Fiction Stories”.  I’ve sent off the first round of changes to Amazon to the manuscript and at the same time I signed off on the cover proof including front cover and back cover text.  It’s looking pretty good!   Here’s a short description of some more of the stories in the book:

In “Human Hunter” someone or something that considers itself above international law is using alien Xelk human hunters to track down and kill humans with impunity. Unfortunately for the human hunters though two young women they are after have managed to enlist the aid of a retired SAS soldier originally known as SAS1.

In “Grief Counsellors” a new firm of counsellors has something quite different to offer surviving relatives.

In “Reality Check” with there being a myriad of realities, some rescued alternate reality travellers have to make sure they are returning to their home reality. Fortunately there are procedures in place to help them.

In “Past his used by Date” elderly people are not legally permitted to live past their actuarially determined expectation of life based on modern population mortality tables. There are even very watchful and helpful neighbours around to make sure that they don’t.

In “Search Mission” the survivors of an ancient star ship crash are a bit coy about being found by anyone.

In “Soldier of the Rorne” the horrific clash between the Rorne and the Xyllk leads to many casualties. Even our Earth is not untouched – yet through it all the nobility of the Rorne shines through.

In “Under Attack” a massive attack on an apparent fortress is not quite what it seems.

In “Computer Audit” they’ve even managed to get the Cyborg auditors to smile when dealing with their “customers.” Yet is the smile genuine?