Plodding along with my (still unnamed) next collection of science fiction and science fantasy short stories. Have reached 45,000 words of what I intend to be a 55,000 – 60,000 word publication. Grandfatherly duties have proven a diversion. Have added a new story “The Benefactor” which I also submitted to Antipodean SF for their consideration. Also thought I’d slip in an alternate history story there somewhere.
The other stories in the collection are: “Bad Dreams” , “Ultimate Equalizer”, “Interruption”, “Deep Web”, “Living on Compressed Time”, “Even a Non Corporeal Can Get Lonely”, “The Facility”, “Social Experiment”, “Good Intentions”, “(In) Vulnerable World”, “New Generation”, “The Foreseer Scrolls”, “The Empress Voluvita” , “Dystopian Nightmare,” and of course my “Human Hunter” story arc.
I have decided to self publish this through Amazon Create space and as usual will pore over images in the fotolia library for a suitable front cover image.