Just a reminder of the science fiction stories of mine due to be published over the next few months on various sites:

Antipodean SF
“Scrolls of the Foreseers” (micro story) (May Issue). “The Interruption” (June Issue) “Vulnerable, Invulnerable World” (July Issue)
I also have two stories still under consideration by Antipodean SF: “The Benefactor” and “Deep Web

Antipodean SF radio show
I think my 2 stories published in the #200 anniversary issue of Antipodean SF – “The Social Experiment” and “The Visitor” will be due to be pod cast on the radio show soon

Beam Me Up Pod Cast
The 6th and 7th stories in my “Human Hunter” story arc will be pod cast soon

Farther Stars Than These
“Bad Dreams” (25 June) and “The Immortal Equalizer” (30 July)