I’ve just uploaded the manuscript (and back cover text) for my upcoming new book: “Human Hunter and Other Science Fiction Stories” to Amazon Create Space. Also been having a great time poring over possible images (for the book’s front cover) on the Fotolia, Getty, and 123RF image libraries. Have narrowed the choice down to 2-3 images.

Just confirming there will be 20 stories in the book: “There Will Not Be Time”,” Grey Power – Consolidation”, “The Time House”, “Unexpected Visitor”, “The Benefactor” ,“Bad Dreams” , “The Immortal Equalizer”, “Interruption”, “Deep Web”, “Living on Compressed Time”, “Even a Non Corporeal Can Get Lonely”, “The Facility”, “Social Experiment”, “Good Intentions”, “(In) Vulnerable World”, “New Generation”, “The Foreseer Scrolls”, “The Empress Voluvita” , “Dystopian Transcontinental Journey,” and my complete “Human Hunter” story arc.