My “Alien Hunter, Star Trooper” is free on Amazon 23/24/25 September:



My sci-fi story “The Real Dream World” pod cast on the Antipodean SF radio show of 17 September (Malin 1): ┬áMy story starts at 6 minutes 18 seconds into the pod cast


My “Soldier of the Brell” sci-fi novella is free on Amazon 12/13 September:

Just heard from Earl Wynn that my sci-fi story “Urban Pacifiers” will be published on his Father Stars Than These site on 3 November 2016. Many thanks Earl!

My “Essential Reading in Science Fiction” collection of sci-fi short stories is free on Amazon 6/7 September:


I’ve reached 45,000 words on my next collection of science fiction short stories. ┬áStories so far included in the collection are: Universe Builder, Urban Pacifiers, The Most Powerful Man in the World is an Alien, Dumbed Down World, Dlarthh, (Not so) Brave New World, Multiverse Jumper, Virtual Reality Traveller, The Pursuit, The Change Field, All in a Day’s Work, Wild Ride, Images, Rescue Service, Interplanetary Investment, Universe Jumper, Original Thought, Ground Team Report, The Opening, The Incursion, The Shooting Gallery, The Cams, Feeding Time, The Repository, The Real Dream World and The Dleene

My sci-fi novella “Soldier of the Brell” is free on Amazon 2/3/4 September: