Paul Cole has just pod cast my sci-fi short story “Deep Web” on his Beam Me Up site: My story is at the end of the pod cast starting at 46 minutes 35 seconds into the pod cast. I see that a story in Jason Kahn’s “In Plain Sight” story arc is also on the pod cast and is well worth a listen (unfortunately Jason died late last year).

Pottering along with my next book a (still unnamed) collection of science fiction and science fantasy short stories. After a bit of re-writing have reached 40,000 words of what I expect to be a 55,000 – 60,000 word publication. The stories include : “Ultimate Equalizer”, “Bad Dreams”, “Interruption”, “Dystopian Nightmare”, “Deep Web”, “Living on Compressed Time”, “Even a Non Corporeal Can Get Lonely”, “The Facility”, “Social Experiment”, “Good Intentions”, “(In) Vulnerable World”, “New Generation”, “The Foreseer Scrolls”, “The Empress Voluvita” and the conclusion to my “Human Hunter” story arc.

Some advance notice that my “Essential Reading in Science Fiction” (also on Kindle Unlimited) collection of science fiction short stories will be free on Amazon for two days 23/24 March: Here’s an excerpt from the book published on the Bewildering Stories site:

Some advance notice that my “For Odin, for Thor, for Asgard” stories of the gods of Asgard in science fiction settings will be free on Amazon for 2 days 19/20 March:

Paul Cole has just pod cast my “New Generation” sci-fi story on his Beam Me Up site::
It’s the last item in the pod cast and starts about 38 minutes 50 seconds into the pod cast. Many thanks Paul!

Just heard from Earl Wynn of the “Farther Stars Than These” site. He has accepted my flash fiction length story “Bad Dreams” which will be published on the front page of the site on 25 June. Many thanks Earl! Also my “Living on Compressed Time” science fiction story is due to be published on the site on 2 April.

Just heard from Ion Newcombe editor of the Antipodean SF site. My micro story “Scrolls of the Foreseers” will appear in issue # 202 0f Antipodean SF (May 2015) while my two flash fiction length stories “Interruption” and “Vulnerable Invulnerable World” will appear in issues #203 (June 2015) and #204 (July 2015) respectively. Many thanks “Nuke”!


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