My “Human Hunter and Other Science Fiction Stories” is free on Amazon 25/26 July


My “Daughter of the High Lords__” is free on Amazon 23/24 July:


My sci-fi story “The Real Dream World” has been published on Earl Wynn’s Farther Stars Than These site:



My speculative fiction story “Rescue Service” has been published on the WiFILES SITE. Here’s the link:

My sci-fi story “Original Thought” was pod cast on Ion Newcombe’s Antipodean SF radio show of 16 July (Hydra):  My story starts at 6 minutes 45 seconds into the pod cast but the entire pod cast is well worth listening to. Many thanks Nuke!

My “Human Hunter and Other Science Fiction Stories” free on Amazon 13/14/15 July::

My “Alien Hunter, Star Trooper” sci-fi novella is free on Amazon 5/6 July:


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