I’ve reached 30,000 words on my next collection of speculative fiction short stories. Still can’t think of a name for it. Stories so far included are The Cams, The Opening, The Incursion, The Shooting Gallery, Original Thought, Ground Team Report, Virtual Reality Traveller, The Pursuit, The Change Field, All in a Day’s Work, Wild Ride, Images, Rescue Service, Interplanetary Investments, and Universe Jumper

My sci-fi story “All in a Day’s Work” has been published in Issue # 211 (February 2016) of Ion Newcombe’s Antipodean SF site: http://www.antisf.com/the-stories/all-in-a-day-s-work  Many thanks Nuke!

Just heard from Ion Newcombe of the Antipodean SF site that he has accepted for publication my sci-fi short story “Wild Ride.” He expects to publish it in edition # 214 of May 2016. Many thanks Nuke!

Just heard from Earl Wynn of the Farther Stars Than These site that he has accepted my short story “The Shooting Gallery” to appear on that site 12 May 2016. Many thanks Earl!


My sci-fi story “There Will NOT be Time” has been pod cast on Ion Newcombe’s Antipodean SF radio show of Saturday 23 January (Black Eye).  http://antisf.libsyn.com/the-antisf-radio-show-black-eye  Narrated by Nathan English the story starts at 13 minutes 10 seconds into the pod cast. Many thanks Nuke!

My sci-fi short story “The Opening” will be published on Earl Wynn’s Farther Stars Than These site on 7 April 2016. Many thanks Earl!


Here’s the link to an author interview on interviews with writers



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